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What is it.

It is an instrument of a unique sort, which has been well-thought, worked-out and personalized to fit Sport Service needs; it is the result of a plodding work, permitting customers to visit our showroom without leaving their activity/company.


The site can be surfed by everyone, but it shows through words what the portal makes concrete.

The portal, available only to registered members, gives global access to the entire site, revealing itself as new, innovative and necessary working instrument.

Directly connected to our virtual warehouse, only immediately available articles are visualized on real time.

At the approach of a season, deliveries of new goods are daily: real time warehouse situation is always available, because the portal is automatically up-dated several times during the day.

All articles go with necessary details, completed by one or more pictures, according to the style.

Orders can be sent through the portal and be received on real time.

On-line complete help always accessible and technical support through E-mail or operator.

What makes our portal unique among all other similar web sites and portals, is the possibility to immediately visualize the best quotation reserved to our customers, and the size run available according to needed quantity and warehouse stock.

Registration benefits.

It is free and permits to surf all our site pages.

Customer will know which articles can be immediately supplied, full articles info will be visualized, together with the article size run available.

Latest entries, promotional articles and special price offers available for immediate surfing.

Thanks to a direct connection with the company management database, permits immediate visualization of the customer’s best quotation, without calculating prices, discounts or contacting Sport Service.

Sending orders has become easy and fast, working times (necessary until now) have been noticeably reduced.

What you need for the registration.

Only a few minutes to fill in the registration sheet, clicking on “Request an account”.

This way you get customer code and password to access.


The portal is automatically up-dated several times during the day: therefore we suggest to access at least once a week.

 For any info pls. do not hesitate in contacting us through E-mail.

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