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This document sets terms and conditions for sales between Sport Service, following named SELLER and the client, which buys the goods, following named BUYER.


The Seller guarantees authenticity of the goods supplied and product highest quality requisites.

Prices are without VATax and are the ones assigned by the Seller. Additional discounts can be arranged only with Seller.


Buyer’s order will be verified and approved by Seller.
Orders with taxable amount lower than 500,00 (VAT not included) will not be accepted.
Available quantities at the moment of the order could be different or not available at the moment of order receipt, therefore in this case Seller will confirm exact quantities to be supplied.


Delivery terms specified in the order by the Seller or the ones requested by the Buyer will carry indicative value and will not bind Seller in any case. Possible delivery delays do not allow Buyer to cancel the order neither to exact from Seller any direct or indirect refund.
With exception of agreements between Seller and Buyer, goods delivery for national freights will be carried out through a courier or a person in charge commissioned by the Seller. Seller will cover transport costs for national freights, for orders with a taxable amount higher than 1,000.00 (VAT not included), according to Incoterms 2000 DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) title and risk pass to Buyer when Seller/forwarder delivers goods to destination address requested by the Buyer.
Goods of orders with taxable amount lower than 1,000.00 (VAT not included) will be delivered EXW (Ex Works) Veggiano, therefore transport costs will be charged to Buyer.
International freights will be defined by Incoterms 2000® EXW (Ex Works Veggiano) title and risk pass to Buyer including payment of all transportation and insurance costs from the Seller's warehouse. Buyer will have to arrange collection through a confidential forwarder/courier or, in case of a person in charge, by previous agreement with Seller.
In case of goods collected directly by Buyer, delivery term is considered as Ex Works Veggiano, therefore title and risk are completely in charge of the Buyer.
At discharge of the goods, Buyer has to verify conditions and quantity of the goods.

In case of freight through Seller’s forwarder, Buyer must verify that there are no tampered packaging (ex. changed scotch-tape, transparent tape over Seller’s tape, tampered metal clamps, missing cartons, etc.); any tampered packaging must be claimed to forwarder immediately.
At verification of no tampering, claims will have to be passed to Seller. Buyer will have to give prove of the missing goods and Seller will control that goods have been sent.
After 8 (eight) days from goods receipt no claim will be accepted.


In case of undelivered goods due to wrong instructions from Buyer, for freights through forwarder/courier commissioned by the Seller, all related costs will be charged to Buyer.


Any return of faulty goods will have to be approved by Seller and will be accepted within 1 (one) year from delivery. After this term Seller is relieved from accepting return.
Freight document for returned goods must carry for each article Seller invoice no., article code, size and type of flaw.
Except different agreements, return costs are paid by Buyer.
Returns without authorization, of dirty items visibly used, carrying incomplete documents and/or lacking of the Return Sheet for flawed items (click here to download it) will not be accepted.


Payments terms and conditions are the ones agreed between Buyer and Seller. Expiry payment dates will be calculated starting from the date of collection of the goods, with exception of the last 3 (three) of the month, when calculation will start from the coming month.
In case of amounts paid after expiry, Seller will debit to Buyer interests, basing calculation on days of postponement and an interest of 8% (eight).


In case of litigation the sole identified place of jurisdiction is Padova (Italy).

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